Fastener story

Do you know [Annex] of JIS fastener standard

This is the kind of very strange story.

We have 2 different JIS fastener standards which are 100% same as ISO and

another one is written by ANNEX standard.

Most of JIS fasteners are JIS Annex.

In Japan, common fasteners in stock are JIS Annex fasteners.

You must be very careful these tricky JIS fasteners.


JIS B 1111 : Phillips machine screws

Pan head M4 dia.

JIS B 1111 : 8mm

JIS B 1111 annex : 7mm


The common distributed items are JIS annex.

So, it is easy to find 7mm M4 pan head machine screws from Japanese market.

8mm dia JIS is vey hard to find from inventory from stockiest in Japan.

This kind of strange annex stories are………

*hex head bolt

*hex nuts


*tapping screws

You should check JIS or JIS Annex if you need JIS fasteners.

Better ask us before you place orders of JIS.

【Writer】Tak Saima/CEO, Technical Sales