Fastener story

JIS tapping screws

Phillips pan head tapping screws type A


Wow… 4×10?

not like 4.2×9.5…

Yes, In Japan, tapping screw size description is like




According to ISO, these should be

2.9 x 9.5

4.2 x 16

4.8 x 19 or 22

There are 6 types of tapping screw thread in Japan, JIS,

Type A, B, C, AB, B1 and C1.

The head types of common stock items are,

Pan, countersunk, oval, truss, bind head.

These head types are available in steel and stainless steel.

Japan JIS screws specification is very tricky for non-Japanese fastener people.

Please feel free to ask us as JAPAN fastener specialist.

All of our staff are very happy to help you.

【Writer】Tak Saima/CEO, Technical Sales