Special Drawing contest was hold for SAIMA’s envelope design with cooperation by an artist, Mr. Suzuki’s support at KISEKI.

An artist in Japan, Mr. Suzuki and the children of KISEKI’s staffs works.

Everyone’s art was amazing and it was very hard to choose the one!

Final Design


Rwanda, officially the Public of Rwanda is located in East Africa.

Capital is Kigali.

The most densely populated mainland in Africa.

It is said that Rwanda is the most safe coutry in Africa.

Even though they have experienced hard time in their history, now achieved tremendous reconstruction and economic growth, described as an “Miracle of Africa” .

What is KISEKI?

Kiseki is the community that help local single mothers to make living and improve the quality of life.

Based on a restaurant at high-class residential area in the capital Kigali, they operate various activities such as tours, inns, and “terakoya(private Intellectual education)”.

Artist, Mr. Tsukasa Suzuki


An artist who draws and expresses the pure energy of life in a variety of ways that are breaking the mold with using his unique sense of color.

Not only the drawing, actively collaborating on music and books with his sense. He visits Rwanda to teach children how to paint and sell the art in Japan and the United State then return the profit to children in Rwanda.