What do you want for design?(SAIMA/310EX)

What do you want for design?

Minimalization? Weight Saving? Space Saving?

SAIMA Brand ”Ultra Low Head Screw 310Slim” is known as ”Robot Screw”

It means that the best screw for robot = Useful Screws for robot Manufacturing.

Robots also have various categorizations.
■Robot for Industrial
■Robot for Infrastructure
■Robot for Medical/Welfare
■Robot for Service
■Robot for Disaster

These kind of robots will be very convenience.
But inside robot is made up of many parts

Among them, screws are one of the necessary that you always use.
Designers want products to be as slim as possible, as light as possible.
SAIMA ”Robot Screw” meet your needs!!

■Details of Robot Screw 310Slim
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