Purchasing Reasons for 310Slim (SAIMA/310EX)

A new species of COVID-19 has been discovered all over the world,
and we are still in a situation where we cannot feel relieved, but please
be careful with you all.

We receive the orders from many customers and many countries.
The main reasons to purchase 310Slim are

■ Saving the Weight

■ Saving the Space

Do you know another reason for industrial aspect?

To be flat for object, countersunk is necessary to fasten
flat head screws to object. If the object is big, we do this process
by hands instead of cutting machine.

Yes, it costs cutting process charge to make countersunk.
310Slim is extremely flat even if you tighten it as it is,
so you don’t really care about the unevenness.

We are selling from small quantities, why do not you try to the prototype.
Please check the products from below.