SANYO Nonsert Selling By WEB SHOP!!(SAIMA/310EX)

In Japan, the number of infected people is decreasing, a bit little by little.
Vaccination in Japan is expected to be after April at the earliest.
We are still unpredictable, but please be careful for all.

Today, we introduce our developed product SANYO Nonsert.
SANYO Nonsert is a thread forming screw jointly developed
by fan maker Sanyo Denki and Saima Corporation.

Sanyo Denki Cooling Fan ” SAN ACE ” is the high performance cooking fan
and users really prefer to use it.

To build up own equipment, customer focus on our SANYO Nonsert.
If device is expensive and use not proper screws, it will be spoil the device.

Please remember SAIMA CORPORATION and SANYO Nonsert
when you make new device with SANYO Fans.

If you want to purchase as trial, please visit our web shop.

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Have a good weekend!