• Person who would like to know the exact “tightening torque” of tapping screws.
  • Person who would like to know the optimum hole diameter for fastening tapping screws.
  • Person who wants to find the best one from “many kinds of tapping screws”.

Tightening and breaking tests can solve this problem!
What you need for the torque test

◆workpieces(mating material, intermounting material, fixing jig, etc.)

※Size that can be placed on a testing machine

N=10 is recommended per of conclusion.

(To check for variations,averages,and abnormal data)

For comparison tests,please also prepare screws and workpieces to be compared.

Who needs a torque test?

*** 3 easy steps ***

Other torque tests that can be performed

  • Return torque test

Return torque after tightening can be measured.
      Loosening characteristics of screws can be analyzed.

  • Repeat test

The number of repetition limits of tapping screws can be verified.

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