Torque Control of Tapping Screws(SAIMA)

It is very important ”Axial Force” when you use bolt and nut,

but it is very difficult axical force control in the field, so

torque management is generally used as a substitute.

So how do you manage the torque of the tapping screw?
Minimum fastening torque is the at least that the head must be seated.

This power is named ” Torque of Setting(TS) ”.
To keep the fastening, tighten with more force.

After that counter material or screw broken.

That point named ” Torque of Failure(TF) ”.
We can not find proper TS from any books or standards.

If material, screw and hole dia. are changing, every digit are different.

Our PC Torque Analyzer help you to check these kind of digits.
If you have any worries about torque control, please ask us!!