Annoyed fastener “CAM-OUT”?

■ Fastener “CAM-OUT”

When fastening or removing the cross recess screw, do you ever had an experience that made it difficult to remove because the screwdriver slips out of the recess?

It is called fastener “CAM-OUT”.

Once the recess crushed, the screwdriver also damaged and the screw never be removed.

■ To avoid “CAM-OUT”

・ Apply an appropriate load to turn the tool so that the tip of the tool does not rise.
・ Do not tilt the tool.
・ Use the appropriate tool size. If the recess hole size do not match, it will be easier to CAM-OUT.
・ Use screws that do not easily cause come-out.

There is a risk of coming out with a “cross recess” or hex socket.

Choosing 6-lobe or Qua(Advanced cross recess) is the solution.

SAIMA stock screws that prevent “CAM-OUT”.

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