SAIMA YouTube Channel helps your understanding our Product easily !!(SAIMA/310Ex)

Thank you for your corporation with SAIMA and Export division 310express.

Do you know that SAIMA CORPORATION started YouTube Channel?

Isn’t it easier to understand with videos than with words?

To understand our product and atmosphere easily, our movie team make short video on YouTube.

【TRF Series】

What is TRF?

Sakura lock Bolt TRF

Candy Nut TRF

Blacken TRF



What is 310Slim?

What is 310Slim Qua?

Which is the best for thin plate fastening?

Robot Screw

Drone Screw



What is 310express?

Saima Staff Introduction

Extra value added fasteners

Stay Safe!

Direction to SAIMA from Tsujido Sta.

How to start zoom meeting with SAIMA.


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