New Year Greetings 2023

Happy New Year 2023.
This is Tak Saima, CEO of SAIMA Group.
This year will not be at the same pace as before the outbreak of the Covid-19,

We will resume our exhibition activities and overseas activities.

We will put our energy into 310DX activities through SNS channels.
【Domestic Sales】

・New Products will be released this year.

We are currently testing a prototype so that we can announce it

at the *M-Tech(Mechanical Components & Material Technology Expo) in July.

*One of biggest exhibition in Japan

・We have been considering 5th product line following TRF, 310 Slim,

Non-Sert and Inch screws from the end of last year.

We hope to be able to announce in 2024.

The direct demand department needs to upgrade its services to customers

who require a more sophisticated, segmented, and specialized approach.

Many of the orders we receive from direct customers are characterized

by the large number of required items and the need for specialized analysis and analysis.

SAIMA team will strength our response to sophisticated requirements.
【Export Sales】

By utilizing the ‘’Digital Tool Subsidy’’ adopted last year, in North America and Europe,

we will further strengthen marketing activities.

In the last year report, The United Nations has announced that at 2023, India will overtake China as the world’s most populous. We will continue to focus on the Indian Market.
【China Business】

Covid-19 regulations are still severe, so we will continue to emphasize the mentality of the KOAS staffs.

Even if we push ourselves too hard, it’s not an environment where I can do what I want, so

We will focus on our core work.

We will pursue ”SAIMA-like’’ and ‘’SAIMA like fun’’ this year as well.

Thank you for your continues support of the SAIMA Group this year.

CEO Tak Saima