Full Event of 2022, CHINA —2022 of CHANGZHOU KOAS CORPORATION—

新年快楽!(Happy New Year 2022)



New Year’s day in China is February 1st, so it is still the end of year.

How many staffs survive in Baijiu Hell at the year-end part


Baijiu: Distilled liquor originated in China, ABV 50%-60%…


By the way, “Efficiency Increasing” is the keyword for this year’s CHANGZHOU KOAS.


2021, the number of staff decreased by 2, total was 13 staffs at KOAS.


We do not dare to increase the number of people, but increase work efficiency.


To consider labor cost increasing 5-12% in China, we cannot survive here.


Inspection equipment update

Simplification of inspection process

Continue steady activities such as ” Reskilling ”


Notable trends in China 2022 are:


・ Beijing Olympic

・ Electricity Shortage

・ Evergrande Group Dept Problem

・ Lock Down by Zero-Covid Policy

・ Autumn National Congress(Mr. Xi Jinping 3rd Win or…)


Individual goal is ” Back to China until 2024!! ”


We look forward to your continued patronage in 2022.


*Office Closed Information*
Monday, January 10th will be closed as it is Coming-of-Age Day.(National Holiday)