Happy New Year 2021. (SAIMA/310EX)

Happy new year!!
We look forward to your continued support of the SAIMA Group 2021.
This is Saima, the representative of SAIMA Group.


In 2021, We would like to focus more on improving our skills to “make money without moving”.
We do not plan to make business trips or exhibit at exhibitions in Japan or overseas.
At the head office of Tsujido, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, we consider it to be a year
in which we devote ourselves to thinking about measures and implementing them.

【End User Sales Team】

SAIMA Group is a screw dealer, but 95% of the sales of this team are other than screws.
There are many products such as Die Castings and Lost Waxes, Assembly Products, etc.,
We have a meeting on customers’ designs, quality certificates, purchasing, manufacturing lines,
delivery form, environment-related documents, start-up schedule and management, etc.
In major manufacturing industries, customers often telework, so we would like to improve online meetings.

【Private Brand Team】

In collaboration with the 310DX team, we will further pursue how to release SAIMA original product information.
We plan to promote the quality of marketing activities on each SNS, HP, etc. in collaboration with the outsourced
SEO countermeasure team.

We want to make it a year to further promote easy-to-understand videos and information dissemination that
pursues more playfulness.

【Export Team】

We are currently disseminating information in six languages.
New prospects increased from last year, in partnership with Malaysia ANT,
we will advance SEO measures in English and provide SAIMA PB products
to people all over the world.

We want you to know our products. We hope that you will use our products in the further.
Sales to new customers have also increased slightly since last year,
so we want to increase sales further this year.

【Seminar Activity】

Zoom will be the focus of the seminar, and we will do the same as last year.
TAK seminars are held online as before, so please let us know.

【China Cores】

Senior Managing Director Saima is the General Manager of a Subsidiary in China.
Last year, We couldn’t go on a business trip to China, but the staffs
who are fluent in Japanese and English will be able to respond your request.

There are some restrictions, but since we are returning to conventional social life than Japan,
We will engage in sales activities. Since 95% of sales are non-screws,
we are targeting to increase saima PB sales this year.

Thank you again this year for the Saima Group.

Group Representative