Only one Security Screw ” TRICLE ” (SAIMA/310EX)

In Japan, the number of people infected with COVID-19 has

reached a record high yesterday.


Although SAIMA staffs are performing with utmost care

disinfection work before  working and after lunch break,

We need still need to be careful.


Well, Today We would like to introduce you to the ”TRICLE”.

This is one of only one products in SAIMA Product.

Now, We receive product inquiries from many customers



TRICLE is combination of 3Circles. It is very unique Recess,

there many inquiries from European Customers.


【Why customer chose TRICLE?】

■ Few customers are using

■   Only SAIMA sells in stock

■   The market distribution volume is extremely small.


This screw help your security and safety of your product.


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