What Can We Do for Our Home Town under Coronavirus Situation

◇◆◇◆◇◆ TAK NEWS Vol.300 ◆◇◆◇◆◇

Thank for your corporation with SAIMA. SAIMA Group CEO Tak SAIMA is writing.

Most companies restrict to go domestic and overseas business trip and customer visit in Japan. It is recommended to do work from home and reduce working time to avoid coronavirus by government. SAIMA also accepts to reduce the working time and to come office with children. After the discussion with staffs, we decided to post you something “Bright and Relax Topics” for a while. Here is the first post.

【CEO Mr. TAK SAIMA Latest Life Style 】

I usually commute by car every day but to refresh my mind, recently I commute by foot or bicycle to my office. I started this activity 2 weeks ago and noticed many things I don’t usually care about. With a little aerobic exercise, new business ideas come up and disappear … and come up… I enjoy this moment in a relaxed environment.

【Revitalize Local Area Business】

We make new group in our company!! Although a limited time, we started activity to go lunch or dinner with small group to  encourage the restaurant around our area from last week. Coronavirus situation have serious impact that damages restaurant near our business area. I am born, raised and now working at Tsujido, I really love my home town. I usually away for business trips and eat and drink in various places, but for a while I want to enjoy life near my home town.

We hope our normal life come back soon and people smile with relax mood!
Our mission is to do the best what we can do now.