310EXPRESS | 310Tamper , 310Slim , 310Micro Fasteners


310Slim is the extremely thin head screw.
If you need to design your product almost flat or lighten the total weight, 310Slim would be your best choice.


You may be choosing flat head screw to make the surface flat. However, you will need to countersink (make hole and sink the head part) to work this screw correctly. If the thickness of the assembling plate makes it impossible to countersink, you may need to give up choosing flat head screw on your design. 310Slim is the best screw for thin plate fastening without these processes.

310Slim is lighter than the same size of the pan head screw. Not only Stainless Steel or Steel product, we also carry Aluminium product which is only 1/3 weight of Steel Product. Aluminum 310Slim is essential for you to design Drone, assembly robot, power assist suits, Radio control and the other kinds of hobby parts and so on.

310Slim has 6-lobe recess. Since 6-lobe drive has shallow recess with better torque transmission than Hex or Cross recess, 310Slim has less incomplete thread than the other same type of screws. Thus 310Slim have low risk of breaking from the head for this reason. 310Slim"Qua", advanced cross recessed screws is also available in stock.

Strongness is proved by showing the minimum breaking torque(torque that breaking the screw) on our catalogue. 310Slim fastening torque can be the same as standard machine screws.

You can simply replace from the machine screw you use now to 310Slim.

310Slim is designed and tested many times in Japan to provide you the best thin head screw in the world.
Blister pack is also available in 24/7 online shop.